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Bar Restaurant

Toga Bar

Das TOGA bietet Genießern eine moderne Cocktailbar mit einzigartigem Flair. Neben hochqualitativen Cocktails und Spirituosen bieten wir feine Tapas Kreationen, die sich sehen lassen können. Das TOGA liegt unmittelbar an der neuen Lebensader

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Freut Euch auf eine moderne, frische und bunte Auswahl an Freiraum- und saisonalen Highlights sowie an selbstgemachten Limonaden, Eistees und Shrubs. Zum

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The Bank Bar

The Bank Brasserie & Bar is located in the historical cashiering hall of the building and presents a varied menu

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Stage 12

The bar discovery from Innsbruck: unforgettable moments enjoying elegant cocktails and long drinks in a comfortable atmosphere.

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A fascinating watering hole: a mix between classic an American bar and a club like lounge with astonishing cocktails and

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DAMN IT! Is that something you want to say and ask: What was she thinking, calling a new, neatly cobbled

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Peruvian way of life: a restaurant with outstanding cuisine and a bar with excellent cocktails.

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A Viennese nightlife classic: amazing cocktails & long drinks.

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The eternal success story continues this year at Liquid Market with cocktail and long drinks.

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Mama Liu’s & Sons

The flawless union of contemporary Chinese cuisine and creative cocktails with an oriental twist. An authentic Chinese Restaurant specialised in

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