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4cl Curado Espadin 3cl Smokey-Agave Sirup 2cl Zitronensaft 6cl Ananas Püree 2 Dashes Orange Bitters 4-5cl Seventeen Ginger Beer “Tequila,

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6cl Cranberrynektar 1cl Limette 2cl Mandelsirup Filler Ambition Tonic Water build in glass Highball

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Maison Tiki

5cl Plantation Pinapple 1cl Ferrand Curacao 2cl Limette 2ds Bittermans Tiki Bitter Filler Balis Tiki build in glass Highball

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Caribean Negroni

4cl Plantation Pineapple 3cl Dolin 2,cl Campari build in glass Tumblr

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Canchancara Pineapple

6cl Plantation Pinapple 2,5cl Honig 2cl Limette Build in glass Tumblr

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LET’S be a Ginger

4cl Makers Mark Whiskey 2cl Ingwer ginger liqueur Top with Organics Ginger Ale Garnish with orange & ginger

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Innocent Player

7cl Undone No.1. It’s not Rum 3cl Lychee puree Boiron 2cl Lime juice 3cl Monin cinnamon syrup

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Il Grande Rosso

5cl Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge 5cl Aperol 2cl Lime juice 1cl Olive water 2cl Gomme syrup 5cl Ponthier Mandarine 5cl

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IRAM’S First

4cl Sloeberry Blue Gin 4cl Syrup Infusion (lime with basil and mint) 2cl Black Cherry 2cl Raspberry Top with Prosecco

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Horchata Cereza

4cl Patron Silver 4cl Horchata-Hibiscus Syrup 4cl Cherry juice Eatable glitter

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