„With the LIQUID MARKET Festival, we gather the concentrated creativity and entertainment of the bar world in one place. Visitors to the festival can thus not only get to know the regional and international bar scene but also enjoy the latest cocktail creations. All of this is combined with a comprehensive
supporting program,“ 

Bert Jachmann, Founder LIQUID MARKET Festival

A showcase for diverse and varied interests


eine Plattform für viele Interessen

Come by, enjoy first-class cocktails, celebrate with us the skills of outstanding bartenders, find out about the latest developments in the cocktail market, learn about new spirits, try street food trends.

Does that sound like an enjoyable day for you? That’s exactly how it should be. We at LIQUID MARKET invite you to savor, to discover new creations, to discover new products, to learn – look over the shoulders of the best bartenders. In this way, we will take you into the delicious, exciting world of cocktails.


Enjoy mindfully

– with extensive supporting program

In addition to alcoholic signature cocktails, the lineup also includes non-alcoholic creations.
After all, low and non-alcoholic refreshment is a key trend in the art of cocktails.
Here, too, you can have plenty of new and delicious drinks conjured up for you at all the bars.
On top of that, our Festival Greißlerei will showcase selected manufactures and innovative
producers who enrich the bar world with new drink ideas and fine distillates.

The international bar scene at one event

– und einer außergewöhnlichen Location vereint

A cocktail festival, at which bars & barkeepers present their skills and their newest
cocktail creations in one place. That’s what we offer you with the LIQUID MARKET. Both the regional and
the international bar scene gather to present itself. With the one-time payment of the
entrance fee, you can taste all kinds of creations to your heart’s content and gain inspiration. Also, your ears will be spoiled by great DJs. Guests of the LIQUID MARKET will always be provided with the finest street food from the coolest foodies.

Be there, LQM is waiting for you!