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LIQUID MARKET Festival Wien 2020


4cl Rick RICH Dry Gin 2.5cl Apricot juice 1.5cl Mango juice 1cl Lemon juice 1cl Simple syrup Top with Red

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Heritage and Honey

5cl Belvedere Heritage 176 0.5cl Pear Liqueur 3 Dashes Angostura Bitters Top with Honey Birch Soda

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Grappa Estiva

2cl Il Prosecco di Nonino Grappa 2cl Galliano L’Aperitivo 1cl Giffard passion fruit syrup 1cl Zitronensaft Top with Thomas Henry

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East Oriental Cobbler

Ingredients 20ml G’Vine Esprit de June, 20ml East London Dry Gin, 15ml Fresh lemon juice, 15ml Homemade Cordial from saffron,

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Da Real Julio

4cl Don Julio Blanco 2cl St. Germain 1cl Belsazar White 3cl Verjus 3 dashes Salt Solution

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